Hunger's Heroes

Anay Pai's and Niranjan Vijayakumar's
Virtual Food Drive

benefitting Forgotten Harvest

My name is Anay Pai. I am in 7th grade and a student at Prestige Martial Arts.
Whenever we are driving around in our car we come to a stop at the signal, and I see people with signs saying, "We need food or money, anything helps!” I always wonder how these people survive, and think of helping them, but never get a chance to help them.

As a part of my leadership training, I need to do a community service project. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to initiate and help the needy people.

I started thinking about how I can help my community: I discussed this with my parents, friends and searched on the internet about how to collect money, food, and necessary items.

I decided to:
• Collect empty soda cans
• Collect canned food
• Direct donations through a website link or cash.

I will be using the empty soda cans to recycle and use the digital money that I get from recycling to purchase canned foods and other necessary items. After collection, I will handover it to an organization named Forgotten Harvest. This organization fights hunger and food insecurity by giving out free meals to people in need of them.

Please help me fight hunger in our communities.

For additional information, please visit

Please use the "Donate Now" button on this page to give to Forgotten Harvest.